Club History

Our Start

By Dr. Willis E. Ford, President 1897-8-9

The following is a brief excerpt from our centennial book published in 1997.

The Yahnundasis Golf Club was started before the days of the flivver when short distances were popular. There was a very good golf club, the Sadaquada Club, the earliest one in this region, about five miles out. Some of us were bitten with the idea that playing golf was a necessity for a wholesome life and a wholesome conscience, and we used to drive there and play afternoons. It took three-quarters of an hour and good sharp driving horses in those days, and then time to get our clothing on and ready for play, and those of us who had to work most of the time found that we were unable to take this outing very often. It took most of the afternoon. So, it happened that we began to think how we could either shorten the time of going and coming, or else secure a club nearer the city, where business men and men who were working steadily could go for part of an afternoon often enough to satisfy their conscience with respect to their duty towards golfing. It was decided to form a club within easy access of the city where business and professional men could go for a short game, say nine holes, and still continue their usual work. In the long summer evenings there would be time after the day's work was done to go and play for an hour, and then have the evening rest.

In looking over the fields which were familiar to many because of the walks they had taken, it was discovered that back of McQuivey's greenhouse in New Hartford there was very eligible ground near to the city, and within fifteen minutes on the street car; at this time a young doctor asked the advice of his mentor whether it was wise and safe for him to help and push the project of a new golf club. Asked what his earnings were, meager enough, how much he could save for a wholesome out-of-door exercise of this sort, answered perhaps two hundred dollars, and was told to get a few like-minded men to go with you and go ahead. it will pay you in health and efficiency. The mentor was Charles S. Fairchild, Attorney General of the state of New York, a member of President Cleveland's cabinet and a consistent golfer for many years. The young lawyer , Alfred Conkling Coxe, and the doctor walked and talked until one day back of McQuivey's greenhouse, on the New Hartford road, encountering the owner put the question of a lease, which was drawn up there on a prescription blank and twenty-five dollars handed to the proprietor.

And thus, the Yahnundasis Golf Club began. For more history about the Yahnundasis Golf Club contact the administrative office about purchasing a centennial book.