Monthly Member Billing

In alignment with the financial goals set by the Board of Governors, and the desire to maintain our standard of excellence, we are very pleased to embark on a cost-saving strategy to both improve and streamline the monthly process of Member Billing. Starting now, we will be directing members, and all outside non-member event payers, who choose the convenience of paying with plastic to the website to register for debit/credit card transactions relating to the Club. Your guests can continue to pay for their dinner, golf, and drinks using the current credit method on site at the Clubhouse.

Utilizing the services of Plastiq will make the payment process much simpler, faster, and safer for both the Member and the business side of operating a golf club by allowing members who wish to pay by credit card to transfer their payments electronically. This system coincides with today’s technologically advanced world of using smartphones and computers to make transactions, while also being economically friendly to our business. The Yahnundasis will now receive the member payments in full via ACH. The Member or Event Guest will now incur the minimal convenience fee (1% for Debit cards- 2.5% for Credit Cards), with the opportunity to join the reward program and earn Fee Free Dollars (FFD).

For questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Randy Spencer, at 315-732-6123 ext. 2784, or email

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